One common challenge in our industry, is to keep track of the stream of requests (from right to left). People calling you with a question about studio availability, emailing about a voice casting or one of those request from your website form (On PS, they show up here automatically). We call these Leads. 

A lead is when you don’t have enough information to create a proper quote just yet, it needs a follow up – because it’s a potential job, or possibly, a great new client. 

We have the Leads module on your start page at the very top, next to Quotes & Projects. We don’t want to lose-sight of them. Adding new leads is quick and easy. In just seconds you can add a new one, assign to colleagues or add new memo notes. 

Add all your possible jobs, big or small. Because once it’s in PS it won’t be forgotten, you can follow up, and increase the chances of winning the job. Again and again. And with a simple click, you can convert a lead into a quote, and all details will follow.