This is Wide Media

As a sound studio owner, you know that our industry is going through major changes. The demand for audio and voice services has never been as great as today, but the competition seems to be growing quicker than ever. It’s no longer enough to be a creative genious, or simply have a fancy studio.  Experts keep telling us to  digitalize our businesses before it’s too late. But how? Your biggest asset and cost is your staff, so providing them with the best possible tools should be your top priority.

Now, there is an amazing shortcut to future proof your business and  make the staff much more productive, professional and profitable – for only a fraction of their cost!

Wide Media, with 20 successful years from the sound & voice industry, has built a game-changing Production System, called PS. It is tailored for people like you and has everything you need: casting, e-invoicing, project management, CRM, voice booking emails, analytics, studio/staff scheduling, usage reminders, vendor management, time reporting, Freelance login, To Do-lists, API-integration with your web widget & accounting system, and much more. It is fast and intuitive in ways no one thought possible.

We dare to say that PS will be everyone’s new favorite colleague, and perhaps your best tool to convert your creative business, into a more profitable business.

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